Patch : add support for freebsd arm to lldb

Attached is patch for basic, get-it-going, support for freebsd arm to lldb.
lldb was cross built on 10.1 amd64 with llvm ToT.
Run on 10.1 arm/pandaboard.


0001-Add-support-for-FreeBSD-arm.patch (10.8 KB)

Thanks Tom - Andrew Turner sent me a FreeBSD/arm patch to bring up
core file debugging over the weekend as well. I'll merge both together
and commit soon.

I also took a shot at core file support a few days ago and Andrew and
I ended up with the same change, modulo whitespace and comments. Our
RegisterContextFreeBSD_arm.{cpp,h} files are based on the _Darwin or
_Linux ones, and include fp regs etc.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for the patch. Can you please upload to Phabricator (preferrably using archanist) and add omjavaid (Linaro) as reviewer?



Handy links:

The patch needs to be refactored.
I will submit once this is done.