patch: boolean bitfield init

g++ 4.01 on OSX, the size of the struct is 2, and x.x is 1 (also for
an initializer where the low bit is 0) and remains 1 after ++x.x.

Huh, really... all the versions of g++ I have on my system mess this up.


Hey guys,

Seems like this may be a g++ problem for 4.2.X?

I get a result of '1' for function c() using the following:
g++ 4.1.2 on Fedora/x86_64
g++ 3.4.2 on Aurora/Sparc64
g++ 4.1.2 on Syllable/x86
llvm-g++ 4.0.1 on Fedora/x86_64

but I get a result of '0' for:
g++ 4.2.3 on Ubuntu/x86