[PATCH] Call adjustChainDeps() always when handling a store.


here is a patch on a problem I described in my previous mail (number 1) for your review. In short, I think adjustChainDeps() must be called regardless of MayAlias while handling a store.

This problem was found on an out-of-tree target, and no test case can be provided for an official target.

Let me know if I can commit this patch, or if you have any comments.


PS. Sanjin, regarding TII->areMemAccessesTriviallyDisjoint(), my target does the same things as you mentioned: register / offset based analysis, both pre/post RA. It is adding very little
improvement over AA, it seems. I don't have any failing test cases right now, so it may be that this patch actually fixed my problem. However, right now it is confusing to have the whole
algorithm written around memory operands and at the same time allow register / offsets analyzis in the midst of things. It would be good to rewrite that part like you explained. What are
your current thoughts about this?

0001-Call-adjustChainDeps-always-when-handling-a-store.patch (1.8 KB)