[PATCH] ‘ccc’ overhaul


Attached below is a patch against ‘utils/ccc’. It contains the following changes:

- Recognise many more options for passing to linker and compiler.
- Recognise relocation modes and pass them to compiler and linker.
- Use the new ability for generating native assembly code directly.
- Add explicit support for ‘-O4’ and ‘-flto’.
- Make '-print-prog-name' actually work. (‘g’ ≠ ‘t’)
- Implement ‘-pipe’.
- Like GCC, default to using ['-suppress-system-warnings', '-Wno-format-nonliteral', '-tailcallopt'].

clang-ccc.diff (13.2 KB)

This mail was supposed to have gone to ‘cfe-commits’, where I hope to be sending this reply to as well…