[PATCH] clang-format: Add SpacesInParenthesesStyle

This patch adds an option to control when spaces are added inside of parentheses. My employer’s style guide mandates that spaces go inside the outermost pair of parentheses, but not the rest. For example:

if( someFunction(a, b, c) ) {
doThing( f(x), f(g(x)) );

My attached patch implements this feature with a new option, SpacesInParenthesesStyle, which can either be “Always” (the previous behavior, and the default), or “Outermost”, the new behavior used by my organization.

Does this seem like a reasonable strategy? The new option defaults to the previous behavior. I see that a different approach was taken with SpaceBeforeParensOptions. I went with this approach, because the option applies to spaces inserted inside of parentheses due to SpacesInParentheses, SpaceInEmptyParentheses, SpacesInCStyleCastParentheses, etc.


SpacesInParenthesesStyle.patch (9.12 KB)