[PATCH] Emit message in test driver if not running multithreaded

Hi all,

The gain in speed from running dosep.ty (the main lldb test driver) is large, but turning it on requires an environment variable and so is hard for users to discover.

To let people know about it, I’d like to commit the attached patch which will print a message if the environment variable is unset (or is set to 1):

print “NOT running multithreaded. Consider setting LLDB_TEST_THREADS environment variable.”


patch-warnifsinglethreadedtest.txt (1.55 KB)

Sorry, ignore the part of the patch which removes test/source_manager/main.c – that’s apparently an artifact of a test that was running at the time I captured the patch. The actual patch should include only the change to dosep.ty.

patch-warnifsinglethreadedtest.txt (1.2 KB)


Sending test/dosep.ty
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Committed revision 204018.