[PATCH] Fix `clang -print-file-name=include`

I noticed this problem with Ubuntu's clang package -- clang 2.7's
internal include headers are shipped in /usr/lib/clang/1.1/include,
but running `llvm-clang -print-file-name=include` just prints
"include" (ie not found). Same bug is in SVN trunk - fix attached; it
assumes the header location is always tied to the clang version for
2.8 onward (correct me if I'm wrong). I don't know how to write a
regression test, but if someone could point the way I'll write one for
this too.

Also, gcc seems to have a second include directory that clang doesn't,
"include-fixed", which has, well, system headers that are 'fixed' to
be ANSI-C-compatible. Does clang just not need an equivalent to that?

fix-print-file-name-include.patch (584 Bytes)