[PATCH] Fixes for building with Ninja and with Python3


Attached are several patches relating to the building of libclc with
Ninja. Also the first patch is for systems where python3 is the
default (I assume python2 is also available).

I think things are working correctly. Please review.

Dan Liew.

0001-Enforce-python2-for-systems-that-use-python3-as-thei.patch (628 Bytes)

0002-Fixed-ninja-build-issues-relating-to-use-of-DESTDIR-.patch (3.17 KB)

0003-Fixed-rules-names-so-they-are-unique-when-aliases-ar.patch (1.71 KB)

0004-Updated-README.TXT-with-information-about-using-DEST.patch (1.24 KB)