patch for auto show/hide macro expansion in CSS


Instead of using javascript, it can be done in css like this. Tested in IE7
et FF3b4 (I don't have IE6, for it, it would probably need to transform the
<span class="macro"> into a <a class="macro">). It depend on which browser
you want to support...

I put an XHTML doctype in order to get the browser to be in standard mode
(instead of quirk mode).

Great! I'll test the patch today.



Ps: Does the color match those of Xcode? Because I don't really care for
them :expressionless:

Feel free to change them so that they are more aesthetically inclined.

Ps2: VS highlight code 'discarded' by the preprocessor in a special color.
Like this:

#if 0
something in a special color

Chris and I talked about doing this. I think we are going for a more general solution where we show what actual blocks are disabled by using knowledge from the Preprocessor object (we actually *know* which code is not discarded).