patch for clang's stdint.h to make it compile with -Werror


The default stdint.h coming with clang has an issue of producing tons
on redefinition warnings, which totally makes it unusable with

Attached is a small diff that fixes it by #undefing some symbols
before attempting to define them again. It would be awesome if you
could integrate this!

TIA, Berkus.

not sure if this goes through as I'm not a subscriber, lets see...

clang_stdint.h_patch.diff (5.73 KB)

It would help to tell at least on what Operating System you see this...



He's right, stdint.h does generate a load of warnings, but these are
normally surpressed as the driver includes it with -isystem instead of -I.

Berkus, try using -isystem to include clang system headers. There are other
headers as well that are expected to generate warnings as they work around
platform specific issues (they generate warnings so user code doesn't have
to :wink: ), and for that reason Clang surpresses most (not all, I don't think)
warnings from them.

Also, are you using a custom, hobby OS by any chance? (Just guessing by your
name I think you're someone I recognise).



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