patch for clang's stdint.h to make it compile with -Werror

James Molloy wrote:


He’s right, stdint.h does generate a load of warnings, but these are

normally surpressed as the driver includes it with -isystem instead of -I.

Berkus, try using -isystem to include clang system headers. There are other

Yep, that fixed it indeed. If you think that things should be this way, I happily oblige. At least I can compile this stuff with -Werror now.

Also, are you using a custom, hobby OS by any chance? (Just guessing by your

name I think you’re someone I recognise).

Yes, that’s me.

Joerg Sonnenberger

It would help to tell at least on what Operating System you see this…

I’m building on Mac OS X, but I’m building in cross-compiler mode for my hobby OS (hence the totally manual include paths specification).