patch for DragonEgg 3.3

Hi - attached is a patch to enable building DragonEgg (x86_64) for LLVM3.3 and LLVM3.4. That is, add these changes to the 3.3 release, and it becomes possible to build DragonEgg against a llvm3.4 compiler.

  Richard Gorton
  Cognitive Electronics

dragonegg_diff.txt (7.08 KB)

The src/Debug.cpp patch lines under "@@ -1115,13 +1121,33 @@" look like
they have a mistake. In both "#if" branches, there is an "if ()" that
has three return statements below it, one of which is unreachable.


dragonegg_diff.txt (6.44 KB)

dragonegg_diff.txt (6.44 KB)