[PATCH] for linux build break in Host.cpp

Hi all,

Please find attached a candidate patch for this bug:

It fixes an issue where a signum => name mapping function has multiple case statements that define to the same integral value on my Linux (Ubuntu 12.04, x86_64). It’s for SIGIO and SIGPOLL. In the case that they are both defined the same, I have SIGIO winning on the name mapping.

If that sounds reasonable, could I get a committer to apply it? Thanks!


lldb-bug-18236.diff (642 Bytes)

Hello Todd,

Thanks as always, Sylvestre!

I should be getting commit access today so hopefully these small ones I won’t have to bother the list with starting soon.


Excellent. I was going to recommend you to apply for it :slight_smile:
And I don't think you bother anybody.


You are kind, Sylvestre :slight_smile: