Patch for Transform/LoopStrengthReduction/post-inc-icmpzero.ll test-failure


Transform/LoopStrengthReduction/post-inc-icmpzero.ll was failing for clang-native-arm-cortex-a9 build-bot configuration. The reason for the failure was the test was using hardcoded names. The attached patch fixes this failure by replacing the hard-coded variables names with pattern-matched variable names.

I have checked that the test pass after applying the patch. Could somebody please review and commit the patch.


0001-Updated-the-test-to-use-pattern-matched-variables-in.patch (1.46 KB)

Hi Manish,

Thanks for the patch, I’ll check and commit.


PS: Patches are normally sent to llvm-commit list, unless they require a lot of discussion.

Hi Renato,

Thanks! I will make sure the patches are posted to the correct mailing list.


Committed on r172534