[PATCH] Intended install location for python scripts

Attached please find a patch proposal to fix the following bug:


It makes the two changes we discussed:

  • when copying scripts during ‘make install’, if the copying fails, the error is propagated to make and causes make to fail.

  • the lldb python packages are now installed under the install tree, matching output from lldb -P.

I’ve tested it both with a parallel build tree and with an in-source build tree. I also implemented the make failure propagation before doing the other change, verifying that my initial failure condition (permission problem due to lack of ‘sudo’) correctly fails the make.

I did not do anything with cmake builds.

Feedback is welcomed!


bug_18124.diff (1.63 KB)

Looks good to me. I tested it on my Ubuntu 12.04 and it worked ok. Thanks for doing it.



My pleasure :slight_smile:

Looks good.