[patch] introduce libclang API for MacroInfo

The attached patch (git format, based on SVN trunk revision 131770) adds a few functions to libclang for inspecting macros. Haven't built against current trunk (132387) but the patch applies cleanly. It is not fully tested, but I wanted to get it out for others to comment on, test, fix it up for commit, etc.

- I tried to mimic the code style, but haven't really read the standards...

- original plan was to re-lex the macro. This didn't work because the currently exposed source locations point to the macro name, not the #define... I couldn't see any obvious way to find it (especially with end-of-line backslashes).

- The preprocessing record maps MacroInfo -> MacroDefinition, but not the other way around... I hacked in something but don't know all the implications.

- clang_getMacroTokens could use some review, in particular the missing source location and whether previousWasAt makes sense (I don't know ObjC)

- clang_isMacroFunctionLike and clang_getMacroTokens seem to work

- clang_isMacroBuiltin isn't reporting true anywhere, even for many macros that should be (e.g. __clang_version__)

- haven't tried to test clang_isMacroVariadic

- didn't touch the exports for Darwin since I don't have OS X handy at home

For reference, here's a snippet from my test harness. Mostly C, but compiled under g++...


       CXToken *args, *tokens;
       unsigned numArgs, numTokens;
       clang_getMacroTokens(cursor, &args, &numArgs, &tokens, &numTokens);
       for(int i=0; i<numArgs; i++)
     CXString s=clang_getTokenSpelling(tu, args[i]);
     printf("%s arg: %s\n", indent, clang_getCString(s));
       for(int i=0; i<numTokens; i++)
     CXString s=clang_getTokenSpelling(tu, tokens[i]);
     printf("%s token: %s\n", indent, clang_getCString(s));
       clang_disposeTokens(tu, args, numArgs);
       clang_disposeTokens(tu, tokens, numTokens);


0001-introduce-libclang-API-for-MacroInfo.patch (7.95 KB)