Attached is a patch that renames ISD::BIT_CONVERT to ISD::BITCAST as per http://www.llvm.org/OpenProjects.html, #3 under Code Generator Improvements. I have not updated the OpenProjects.html file itself as I could not find that file in the source code.

The patch itself also includes elimination of whitespace at the end of lines because my VIM settings do that automatically. If this is not desired then I can rework the patch without this.

bitconvert_bitcast.patch.gz (71 KB)

Ok! Please commit it. The one thing to watch for is to make sure that indentation etc all look ok after the change since BITCAST is shorter than BIT_CONVERT. OpenProjects.html is in the llvm-www svn module, let me know and I can update it for you if you prefer.


Committed in 119990 and 119991.
Thanks for reviewing the patch.