[patch] lldb-platform-work branch: const decl for Args::GetCommandString and Agrs::GetQuotedCommandString methods

Hi everyone,

please find attached patch for lldb-platform-work branch, which changes the method declarations to const for the Args::GetCommandString and Agrs::GetQuotedCommandString methods. It allows using of these methods within the other const methods. This patch shouldn’t affect the existing code.
I have proposed this patch because some of my changes need those methods as const.

Would somebody review this patch and apply if it is ok?


lldb-args-method-const-stmt.patch (1.24 KB)

% svn commit
Sending include/lldb/Interpreter/Args.h
Sending source/Interpreter/Args.cpp
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 155593.

I committed your fix into the top of tree... This will need to be merged over to the platform branch.