[patch] lldb-platform-work branch: fixes and improvements the common platform classes and the Error class.

Hi everyone,

Please find attached patch, which provides the following fixes:

- fixed a double output for the "error: " prefix (like "error: error: ...<message>...") in Error::LogIfError (source/Core/Error.cpp).
- fixed a crash in CommandObjectPlatformConnect::GetOptions method (source/Commands/CommandObjectPlatform.cpp).
- fixed the syntax help string for the 'platform file' command.
- the 'platform shell' prints its usage if no arguments were passed.

Would somebody review this patch and apply if it is ok?


lldb-command-object-platform-fixes.patch (2.16 KB)

This one looks good.

Sending source/Commands/CommandObjectPlatform.cpp
Sending source/Core/Error.cpp
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Committed revision 155592.


Enrico Granata
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