[patch] MicroBlaze Backend 2nd Rev.

I have done some clean up on the MicroBlaze backend as requested by Anton Korobeynikov and Jakob Olesen. The new MicroBlaze backend patch is attached to this email. The patch is inclusive of the previous patch so you do not need to apply the previous patch before applying this patch.

The new patch updated the following compared to the previous revision:
1. Removed unneeded options opting to use -mattr instead
2. Moved intrinsics into the MBlaze target directory
3. Used lower case names for registers in the tblgen file
4. Removed tab literals from the generated assembly
5. Added test cases for calling conventions, loops, switches, branches, indirect branches, and indirect function calls
7. Moved address selection into ISelDAGToDAG
8. Updated data layout to only require 4 byte alignment of 64 and 128 bit values.

2010-02-12-mblaze.patch.gz (48.9 KB)