patch: more builtin support

This patch adds support for __builtin_{ffs[l][l], parity[l][l], popcount[l][l], huge_valf, huge_vall}.
+ test case

nans, powi[fl], prefetch still missing (among others, no doubt).

- Daniel

builtins-ffs_parity_popcount.c (877 Bytes)

more-builtin-support.patch (4.5 KB)

Looks great to me with one minor change: we don't want the clang testsuite to actually execute code. Please make the test just be something like this:

void test(int M, long long N) {
   printf("%d %lld: %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d %d\n",
          M, N,
          __builtin_ffs(M), __builtin_ffsl(M), __builtin_ffsll(M),
          __builtin_parity(M), __builtin_parityl(M), __builtin_parityll(M),
          __builtin_popcount(M), __builtin_popcountl(M), __builtin_popcountll(M),
          __builtin_ffs(N), __builtin_ffsl(N), __builtin_ffsll(N),
          __builtin_parity(N), __builtin_parityl(N), __builtin_parityll(N),
          __builtin_popcount(N), __builtin_popcountl(N), __builtin_popcountll(N));

with: clang -emit-llvm %s | not grep __builtin

or something like that. The llvm-test suite can be used to verify that we don't miscompile them.

Thanks Daniel!