[PATCH] mult-alt tests

The enclosed zip has some test files for both LLVM and Clang, to go along with the last mult-alt patch I submitted to the list.

You’ll note that some of the code is commented out for various problems not directly related to the mult-alt stuff.

Though I worked on some additional versions for platforms not included here in the LLVM tests, they have various problems with the lowering, but which I don’t think have to do with the mult-alt stuff. I’ll be working on them further to perhaps reduce their scope around the problematic areas. Submitting these now will give you a chance to give me some early feedback.

As I mentioned before, I would probably want to check these in after the previous patch is confirmed solid, as I worry about platform issues when running the tests. For example, I discovered that Visual Studio prints floating point numbers in a slightly different format (3 digits in the exponent vs. 2 in GNU).



llvmmultalttests4.zip (14 KB)

This is a known problem which has a PR somewhere. The "solution" so far has been to adjust tests so they only examine the part of the output that's common between GNU and VS.