[PATCH] New LLVMGetVersion function allowing applications to get LLVM version through the API directly from libLLVM.so

Please check in this patch.


patch-version (1.52 KB)

Sorry, this patch only captures the revision of this one particular file.
I will update it to capture the repository revision.



I dont think this will not work in general.
svn will only fill in the new revision when the Core.cpp file are updated [1].
The SVN $Rev$ keyword are designed to track changes to a signle file, not to the whole SVN repository.

In order to get the “global” SVN revision number for the last checkout you have to use the tool svnversion [2].
svnversion can extract the “global” revision number and insert it into config.h during configure/cmake config.h creation.

[1] [2] xerxes@xerxes-J464X:~$ cd llvm xerxes@xerxes-J464X:~/llvm$ svnversion 112596 svnversion can also detect modified svn trees. Cheers Xerxes