[PATCH] openSUSE toolchain update


Attached patch does multiple things for clang on openSUSE;

  • Enables ld’s -z,relro support
  • Enable ld’s --dynamic-tags support
  • Enables ld’s gnu hash support

Tested with 2-stage bootstrap on openSUSE 11.3, 11.4 and upcoming 12.1.

Please apply.


toolchain-update.patch (1.23 KB)

Hi Ismail,

This doesn’t apply cleanly to mainline. The changes required look trivial, but I’d prefer you to do it because I can’t test this.


Hi Chris;

toolchain-update.patch (1.2 KB)

Applied in r131857, thanks

Thanks, here is one for the Redhat typo I mentioned.


redhat-typo.patch (517 Bytes)

Can a redhat user test this?


Oh nm, its not a typo. Here comes the ld(1):


This option affects the treatment of dynamic libraries from ELF DT_NEEDED tags in dynamic libraries mentioned on the command line after the --no-add-needed option. Normally, the linker will add a DT_NEEDED tag for each dynamic library from DT_NEEDED tags. --no-add-needed causes DT_NEEDED tags will never be emitted for thoselibraries from DT_NEEDED tags. --add-needed restores the default behaviour.

Sorry! :wink:

ok thanks.