[PATCH] *_OPTIONS="help=1" should print to stdout and fit 80 chars width


I would like to modify printing of help options in order to fix:

I basically split all *_flags.inc options with new lines. Eventually, these
string are printed to limit the output to 80 characters:

That's my first patch request in the project, please advise if anything is missing.


0001-Handle-help-1-to-print-to-stdout-with-limit-to-80-ch.patch (31.3 KB)

Can you send this patch to llvm-commits ?


Hi, Martin!

You can find pretty nice instructions how to do it via Phabricator here: http://llvm.org/docs/Phabricator.html.


I actually think this may deserve discussion on LLVM-dev. I commented on the review (http://reviews.llvm.org/D17566) summarizing my opinion, but I'll recap here for people who may not have noticed it on LLVM-commits.

This patch is a move to make sanitizer help spew conform to the GNU project conventions. These are not conventions we recognize anywhere in any of the LLVM projects. Changing the sanitizer libraries to conform would result in an inconstant convention across LLVM projects, which I don't really think is something we should have.

If we're going to make compiler-rt, or any other LLVM project conform to a convention, we should probably discuss that more widely than a patch review.