[patch] PlatformBSD updates/crash fix on FreeBSD

Hello everyone,

please find the attached patch for TOT and lldb-platform-work branch, which provides the following changes:

  • fixed a crash in the ProcessPOSIX constructor when an executable module object is not yet created.
  • added support for the multi instanciated FreeBSD platform objects (the local host and remote as example).
  • enabled the remote gdb plugin on FreeBSD.

Would somebody review and apply this patch to both TOT and lldb-platform-work branches if it looks ok?


lldb-platform-freebsd-multiinstance-gdb-remote.patch (4.47 KB)

Hi Viktor,

It looks like the patch is against the ToT?
I’ll apply this patch to ToT and then merge into the lldb-platform-branch.

Hi Johnny,

yes, this patch is against the ToT.
Thank you.


Done. Thanks!