[patch proposal] Interpreter Makefile update

Hello everyone,

I would like to propose a patch, which updates a makefile for the lldbIterpreter library to do more correct installation of the python related auxiliary files on FreeBSD. Also few tiny improvements have been made for the wrapper generation rule.
The following changes were made:

  • added few additional dependencies for LLDBWrapPython.cpp rule.
  • added a new separate rule to create a link to _lldb.so in the output folder.
  • added a new separate rule to copy embedded_interpreter.py to the output folder.
  • added an installation of the cocoa & etc. python modules to the target install folder.
  • updated the clean-local rule to remove *.d and link files.
  • added a new rule - uninstall-local.

An installing of the cocoa & etc. python modules is neccessary to fix the problems like:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
ImportError: No module named CFString

I have tested these changes on FreeBSD 9. It should would work on Linux also, but I’m not completely sure about Darwin. If this patch is acceptable it would be better to check it out by somebody who is familiar with Darwin platform.


lldb-interpret-makefile-freebsd.patch (5.48 KB)