[patch] Remove inclusion of pthread.h for mingw

This patch removes a check that was put for mingw quite some time ago perhaps to get the declaration of timespec. But it does not seem valid to me and it relies on having pthread.h which is generally not available for mingw. We are now providing a definition for struct timespce in win32.h which can be used for mingw case too. I will apply the attached patch if there are no objections.


timespec.patch (511 Bytes)

Looks fine.

Thanks Greg for a quick review. Committed.

I saw a some failure on freebsd builtbot after this commit. It seems that some clang test is failing.
It does not seem related to this commit but please let me know if this caused any breakage.


Yes, that buildbot builds against the latest LLVM and Clang source
(although doesn't show changes from those repos), so it breaks
occasionally due to Clang/LLVM issues. LLDB itself looks fine on
FreeBSD - thanks for checking!