[PATCH] Remove `requires` for x86 CPU features.

As discussed in Interaction of target attribute change with modules:

Ever since the target attributes change, we don’t need to guard these headers with requires. Actually it’s a bit worse, because if we do then they are included textually under the covers, causing declarations to appear in submodules they aren’t supposed to be in.

Since it seems like only the x86 headers have been given the target attributes treatment, I’ve only removed those requires.

John, Paul, this affects our modules stuff internally, so CC’ing you guys. Since we don’t ship all the headers, we will need to prune out of the module map any of the x86 headers that we don’t ship, otherwise our packaged toolchain will encounter “header not found” errors when building the module.

– Sean Silva

0001-Remove-requires-for-x86-CPU-features.patch (3.32 KB)