[PATCH] slight code cleanup for LLVMConventionsChecker


I saw the LLVMConventionsChecker.cpp come up in conversation when others were discussing C++ static analysis. In any case there were three functions that were checking if you were in the std, clang, or llvm namespace. I made one function (InNamepace), with an extra argument of a string, then just called that function where needed. Also, there was a function isClangAttr, I changed it to IsClangAttr to follow the naming conventions of the other functions.

If you wanted to keep the functions In[Std,Clang,LLVM]Namespace for the sake of readability, let me know and I can put it back. I could also put them back and call the new function, or you can just ignore me :slight_smile: whichever you prefer as these changes are all trivial. I did not notice them being called outside of this file, so I did not think it would be an issue to remove them.

Like I said all of these changes are trivial, but I thought I would shoot them out because I noticed them.

This was all done agains r104634, and it compiled (Release) and tested fine btw…


LLVMConventionsChecker.patch (3.32 KB)