patch: stylistic improvements to SValBuilder

Hi Ted,

I have uploaded a patch to,
which hopefully improves the coding style in SValBuilder. It:

- renames evalCastNL and evalCastL to evalCastFromNonLoc and
evalCastFromLoc (avoid abbreviations that aren't well known).
- makes all function parameter names start with a lower case letter
for consistency and distinction from member variables.
- avoids abbreviations in function parameter names.

Would you please review it? Let me know if I'm going too far. :wink: Thanks,

These changes look great to me!

Is this defined in the style guide? If not, could you add?

The first isn't but the second is.

I tried to add the first to the guide but Chris decided that we don't
want to require that for the entire LLVM codebase yet.

I do want this convention, however, to gradually be enforced for all of the static analyzer code.