[PATCH] Tentative patch to move JITMemoryManager in to LLDB.

Hi All,

The JITMemoryManager class was removed from MCJIT in r218316, but LLDB is still relying on it.

The attached patch moves the JITMemoryManager in to LLDB (minus the AtExit handler functionality, which I don’t believe LLDB was using, and which was causing build warnings for me locally).

I’m still running the test suite locally, so I’m sure whether this passes all the tests, but it does at least seem to get LLDB building again.

I’ll update with test results as soon as they come through.

  • Lang.

Move_JITMemoryManager_to_LLDB.patch (47.6 KB)

I think Tong Shen probably has a better patch:

See also Tong's patch to just move to SectionMemoryManager on lldb-commits :slight_smile:


Oops, sorry Lang, didn't see your patch.

The old JIT has been completely removed by upstream LLVM :frowning:
So I think it's better to avoid maintaining that ourselves...

Also, the functions specific to the old JITMemoryManager seems not
used by lldb (except the wrapper functions).

I should have checked lldb-commits first. That sounds like a much better option. :slight_smile:

  • Lang.

I just had a look at Tong’s patch - that definitely looks like a better way to go. I had assumed that LLDB was actually using JITMemoryManager’s functionality (given that it was being forwarded to), but since that’s not the case it makes much more sense to just switch to SectionMemoryManager.

  • Lang.

I just put in Tong’s patch in r218383.

It came back clean on Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 cmake/ninja and MacOSX 10.9.5 x86_64 with Xcode 6.1 beta.