Patch to Attach pid successfully from different dir

Firstly, I am new to the community, So please bear with my mistakes and guide me to be on your wavelength.

While using lldb we found the small bug with attaching to the running process.
“attach” works fine when we run the lldb on the same dir where we ran the executable but not if the dir changes.

cd lldb_temp/
./test &
[2] 39044
cd …/

(lldb) attach 39044
error: attach failed: unable to find executable for ‘./test’

I see the lldb using the relative path instead of absolute path of the exe.
Modified the way sysctl gets the exe name to get the absolute path.

Attached the patch which does the work. I did my testing on Fbsd10.
Please let me know how to commit it


Fix_for_attach_issue.patch (1.67 KB)

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Thanks, Ed Maste is the current FreeBSD maintainer.

Thank you for the bug report and patch in D32271. I recently reworked
Host/freebsd/Host.cpp based on Kamil's NetBSD Host.cpp, and adapted
your patch to match. Please try out the version now in D32271.

One tip for future patch submissions: please include full context in
the diffs as it makes review easier. For example if working in git,
"git diff -U9999" or "git show <hash> -U9999".