[Patch to be reviewed] uuid_t under GNU/Linux


I would like to know if I could apply the attached patch to lldb.

Following the commit r179584 [1], we need, under GNU/Linux, to include
uuid.h to obtain the uuid_t definition. Otherwise, the build fails with:
error: 'uuid_t' was not declared in this scope
For the full log, see [2].

Since this adds a new dependency on lldb, I was to make sure people
agree on this change (I can update the tools + documentation about this



include_uuid.diff (550 Bytes)

Hi Sylvestre,

I can confirm the patch fixes the build, but I'm not sure we want to
introduce a new dependency on libuuid-dev (or equivalent), especially for
a library that's unlikely to be used on Linux. IIRC the only reason we
build it was because I was too lazy to add the darwin-specific logic when
writing the original cmake files.

I have a fix in place that conditionally builds the mac-specific
(problematic) libraries only on Darwin (and also speeds up the build
somewhat :slight_smile: It's been committed in 179694.

Now, on to the hangs...

Thanks again for all your help with this issue,

Excellent. Many thanks. I didn't try this solution. I through there were
built on purpose for some weird cross compatibility reasons.

I revert my commit in the Debian packages then :slight_smile: