Patch to correct typos on LLVM source code


I've made the attached patch that fixes several typos on the LLVM
source code, they were found and fixed by the codespell tool (which
was announced at
ANNOUNCE: codespell 1.0 ).

The majority of the typos were in comments and a few of them were in debug
messages. I've also made another patch to the clang source base, it
was sent to the cfe-dev mailing list earlier today.

There were a few false positives found by codespell, the most common ones were:
FromE -> from
ArchType -> archetype
isNT -> isn't
DefInit -> definite

I've gone through the diff and removed all of those false positives,
and I've successfully built LLVM afterwards so everything should be
OK. The patch was made using the official git mirror and was tested
against current svn top of tree.

Best regards,

PS: Yes, this email is mostly a copy and paste from the one I sent to
the cfe-dev mailing list :stuck_out_tongue:

0001-Fixing-typos-on-LLVM-source-code-found-by-the-codesp.patch (160 KB)

Nice, applied in r129558, thanks!