patch to docs/BitCodeFormat.html

I wrote in a few weeks ago about writing an independent implementation of Bitcode and updating the docs to be more complete.

Attached is a patch to docs/BitCodeFormat.html that adds a lot of information that was previously only available by reading the source code. It also corrects some errors.


bitcode-doc.diff (7.8 KB)

Very nice, applied:

If you're developing an independent reimplementation, you should make use of the llvm-bcanalyzer tool. It can dump out the file in an xml'y format, like this:

$ llvm-bcanalyzer test.bc -dump
<MODULE_BLOCK NumWords=166 BlockCodeSize=3>
   <TYPE_BLOCK NumWords=12 BlockCodeSize=4>
     <NUMENTRY op0=14/>
     <POINTER abbrevid=4 op0=2/>
     <INTEGER op0=32/>
     <VECTOR op0=4 op1=4/>
     <POINTER abbrevid=4 op0=0/>
     <POINTER abbrevid=4 op0=4/>
     <POINTER abbrevid=4 op0=10/>
     <POINTER abbrevid=4 op0=11/>
     <POINTER abbrevid=4 op0=12/>
     <STRUCT abbrevid=6 op0=0 op1=2/>
     <FUNCTION abbrevid=5 op0=0 op1=0 op2=13 op3=0 op4=4/>
     <ARRAY abbrevid=7 op0=4 op1=4/>
   <TRIPLE op0=112 op1=111 op2=119 ...

It can only give names to the tags if the content format is recognized, but it still may be useful. Thanks for the docs!