patch to get function type (args/return type) from SBTyep

attached is a patch to get the function type information from an SBType. It's useful when using SBFunction to get the type and access the function type signature.

patch_to_getfunction_types.patch (2.34 KB)

I changed up the API a bit:

% svn commit source/API/SBType.cpp scripts/Python/interface/SBType.i include/lldb/API/SBType.h
Sending include/lldb/API/SBType.h
Sending scripts/Python/interface/SBType.i
Sending source/API/SBType.cpp
Transmitting file data ...
Committed revision 167023.

The new SBType API added was changed to:

    SBType::IsFunctionType ();

    SBType::GetFunctionReturnType ();

    SBType::GetFunctionArgumentTypes ();