Patch to lib/System/Interix

From: Reid Spencer <>
Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2004 13:26:09 -0700

Okay, so the question is, how do you do the equivalent of a MAP_ANON allocation on Interix. We don't want to map a file here. We're just asking for virtual memory (unbacked by swap or file) to be allocated to the process. Is there a way to do that on Interix? The corresponding way to do that in Win32 is with the VirtualAlloc function. Perhaps we need to use that directly? Is it available? Am I asking enough questions? :slight_smile:

U grill me with all those questions :slight_smile:

No, we cannot use VirtualAlloc function directly.

Since you're only interested in allocating memory in page sizes

For convienience I provide you with a link to Interix migration/porting pages:

Look in chapter 9, although it is very thin on the subject of memory mapped files.

It's getting late for me. I'll try to look on the subject in the weekend...


Okay, the page you mentioned advocates opening the /dev/zero device and then mmaping that. I was assuming this technique was not available on Interix because unix specific /dev/* devices would not be available. I would appreciate it if you could patch the Interix port to use this technique and test how it works (load a JIT based program like HowToUseJIT.cpp in the examples directory).



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