Patch to make gccld link native .so's, -rpath, -soname, and various assorted fixes


I have a patch that:

1. Allows gccld to link shared libraries natively..
2. Passes along -rpath and -soname to the native linker...
3. Fixes a bug where the bytecode files were kept around after native
4. Removes a now unnecessary warning for native linking...

The result is that we are >' '< close to having Qt4 both compile *and* link
with the LLVM toolchain.

The small remaining hurdle has to do with undefined references that worked
around inline assembly in Qt4 as well as a problem with generics in

I've attached the Linker patch as well as the output of the linker (the
undefined references) when linking uic to QtCore and QtXml.

Adam Treat

linker.diff.gz (2.98 KB)

outfile.gz (16 KB)

Wow, cool! Mind if I ask what is motivating this work?

thanks -mike

Essentially, I am very interested in LLVM and want it to work with Qt4 as well
as KDE. I'm excited by the idea of using LLVM as the basis for a more
rigorous language bindings solution.

Ah, I see. I'm keeping an eye on it to see if it can be
used to distribute multi-arch binary packages in future.

I'll be interested to see where you go with this work :slight_smile:

thanks -mike