Patch to VMKIT tools makefile


Here's a tiny patch to the VMKIT tools makefile, that allows you to build VMKIT without both Java and CLI. I'm working on a new bytecode front end so wanted a 'clean' mvm without building to two existing front ends. Currently it still tries to build VMJC even when its told not to build the JNJVM. This patch fixes that.

Index: tools/Makefile

Hi Dean,

Applies thanks!

Out of curiosity, which part of mvm are you using? I guess the GC?


Dean Calver wrote:

Hi Nicolas,

I'm building an ActionScript to native code compiler, and so basing on it on VMKIT seemed the best idea. The MVM already has garbage collectors, lots of infrastructure and the other two front end implementation as inspiration.

There is a massive amount of useful work in VMKIT to build on, so seemed the best place to start :slight_smile: