[PATCH] Update code owner for parser

Hi Doug,

I've been helping to maintain the parser for a while and we haven't had an explicit code owner for some time.

The attached patch updates CODE_OWNERS.TXT to provide a clear point of contact.

I see this mostly as a janitorial role looking to tackle the PR and patch review queue more proactively, while helping to coordinate ongoing modernization work to meet the needs of the community.

That aside it should be business as usual with existing developers working on C++1y, Objective-C, OpenCL and OpenMP directing their respective areas of the parser.


parser.patch (411 Bytes)

I think it’s a good idea to have more code owners in Clang.

Alp has definitely contributed some nice cleanups in the Parser (and elsewhere) recently, and doesn’t show signs of stopping :slight_smile:

My vote is “LGTM”.

Just my 2 pence,

Presuming this isn't already covered by Doug's "catch all" entry in
CODE_OWNERS.TXT, it would be nice to have a specific person to point
to for parser questions and problems. Alp has done a good job of doing
careful work in many parts of the parser already, and is an active
with patch reviews, so if he'd like to be the first line of defense
for questions/cleanups/etc, I have no complaints.


+1 from me too.

I am not all that familiar with the parser, but I agree we could use
more reviewers and Alp has been one of the most active in this area.