patches and scons

The scons file that I posted yesterday is broken...
I've not taken in account the commit of 2 days ago that modified ** and friends.

I've updated it and now it works again; inside it you can find comments about what files currently
are NOT compiled and why (hint appreciated!)

Attached to this email you can find it and a new series of patches against current CVS, that I hope are pretty safe.
If applied you can reach the linking of HowToUseJIT, but there're still 12 unresolved external.

With major 'hacks' of the skipped files I can reach the complete link, but I'll wait till a suitable solution :wink:

SConstruct (17.6 KB)

diffs.txt (8.12 KB)

Paolo, I applied most of your patches to cvs. I didn't apply the patches
for things under lib/Support. I will leave that to Reid (if you can
resend those to this list it would be great).

Here is the list of the patches I applied:

Thanks for your efforts :slight_smile:

Here they are!

Plus one! alloca is defined in the MS CRT as _alloca in <malloc.h>
I've modified the include/llvm/Config/alloca.h for this, but a better way
ca be avoiding to check for _MSC_VER and adding an #ifdef HAVE__ALLOCA_IN_MALLOC_H
It's a more generic approch

diffs.txt (1.79 KB)