Patches to get clang working with LLVM trunk

I have attached a patch to handle the following problems when trying to
build clang from trunk (with an llvm trunk) on Linux.

The local register allocator has been replaced by a fast allocator in
the LLVM trunk (r106051)

The AsmParser has been extended with a target argument (r107426)

In r104074 an extra newline has added at the end of the libclang.exports
file, and this causes an incorrect version file to be generated, which
in turn prevents linking.

linux-patch-20100703.diff (1.43 KB)

trunk clang and trunk LLVM definitely work together without any
patches; perhaps you forgot to update your clang tree?


Aha. So clang is not updated when doing an "svn update" from the llvm

No; you have to do it separately, or use "make update" instead.