Pavel's status

Hello all,

as some of you may know, this week is my last week at Google. However,
I am not planning to disappear from the LLDB/LLVM communities as a
result. You should still see me around, only with a new address (pavel
AT labath DOT sk). I plan to continue looking out for the linux side
of lldb (for any Android issues your best point of contact is Stephen
Hines (srhines AT google DOT com)) and contributing some featurelets
or cleanups. In particular, I will strive to resolve (help resolving)
any issues that may fall out of the recent debug_names accelerator
table work.

Nonetheless, <ad>unless I find an LLDB job,</ad> I will certainly be
less active than before, which means I won't be able to responds as
promptly to code reviews. For that I apologize, and suggest to seek
out alternative reviewers whereever possible.