PDLL Dictionary support

I have an op<mydialect.ConvOp> with some attributes of the convOp info like padding, stride… The attributes names would be customer-like. Then i want to convert a pattern with ConvOp in it to the destination pattern with the conv info copy to it. So i think i will use the rewrite func on C++ to realize it and treat the attr of ConvOp as the arguments of the func. Having lots of customer patterns to fuse, so i want to treat a DictionaryAttr as an argument. Then i can use the api setAttr, just traverse the DictionaryAttr from PDLL, and set a customer NamedAttribute.

Rewrite addDictoryAttr(src: Op, DictoryAttr dt) -> Op;

Pattern {
    let dimension_numbers : Attr;
    let padding : Attr;
    let rhs_dilation : Attr;
    let window_strides : Attr;
    let batch_group_count : Attr;
    let feature_group_count : Attr;
    let broadcast_dimensions : Attr;

    let conv = op<mhlo.convolution>(input: Value, weight: Value) {
        dimension_numbers = dimension_numbers,
        padding = padding,
        rhs_dilation = rhs_dilation,
        window_strides = window_strides,
        batch_group_count = batch_group_count,
        feature_group_count = feature_group_count};

    let broadcast_bias = op<mhlo.broadcast_in_dim>(bias: Value) {broadcast_dimensions = broadcast_dimensions};
    let conv_add = op<mhlo.add>(conv.0, broadcast_bias.0);
    let sigmoid = op<mhlo.logistic>(conv_add.0);
    let mul = op<mhlo.multiply>(conv_add.0, sigmoid.0) -> (output : Type);

    rewrite mul with {
        let custom_op =  op<mhlo.custom_call>((input, weight, bias)) {
            call_target_name = attr<"\"conv_silu\"">,
            has_side_effect = attr<"false">,
            backend_config = attr<"\"\"">,
            api_version = attr<"1 : i32">
        } -> (output);
        replace mul with addDictoryAttr(custom_op, ??);

More specifically, on the code above, how could i set the ?? to match the DictoryAttr, here i don’t hope to set the conv args one by one.
Any suggestions?