Permission to work with GitHub issues


What is procedure to get permissions to work with GitHub issues labels?

I performed some kind of project management on Bugzilla reports
related to Clang-tidy in past and would like to do the same on GitHub.


I /think/ all it should take is being part of the LLVM project on github? But I’m not sure. I’ve seen some people having trouble closing bugs or the like - not sure of all the details/issues.

Hi, David!

According to my GitHub profile ( I
belong to LLVM organization. But it seems that it's not enough to be
able to add new labels to issues or close some of them (for example,


You do not have commit access to LLVM and therefore do not have write
access to issues as well. The default role in the repo is read-only.

Hi, Anton!

I don't know how hard to implement this, but it may be reasonable to
make permission more gradual (for example, MediaWiki and WMF projects
have such setup), so simple issues modifications like tagging would
not require commit access.


Well, GitHub is not quite flexible. The "triage" set of permissions is
quite wide as it could also allow one to close issues & pull requests,

I will raise this question to IWG.

Well, I have seen some open source projects use Github issue templates to automatically add labels and it don’t need any permissions.

Would it be a good choice? Eg:

---- 在 星期三, 29 十二月 2021 15:24:17 +0800 Anton Korobeynikov via llvm-dev 撰写 ----

This is

Patches are surely welcome