Personal calendar for session / Swoogo login?

I seem to remember that in previous editions one could login and mark the session they were interested and build their own “conference agenda”. I don’t find a way to login, or even a button “add to my calendar” when I browse the agenda.

Am I missing the obvious here?

+1. I don’t remember the previous swoogo offhand, but every other conference-schedule app I’ve used has had that feature. I was surprised when I couldn’t find it.

+1. When you click on a session, you can see a clock icon at the bottom to add it to your agenda. But, I did not see a button to list my agenda. So, I decided to add them to my favorites by clicking the heart icon at the top. I then can see the favorites just below my picture.

Seems like you’re logged in somehow, I can’t even find how to log in right now (so I don’t get the icons you’re referring to)

I followed the steps mentioned in the email that I got with the subject “2022 LLVM Developers’ Meeting - Event Details”:

Once you have searched “2022 LLVM Dev Mtg” in the Attendee Mobile app, click on the meeting. You will then click the menu icon (three lines) and login with your email address and password you used to register. If you did not register yourself, use your email address where you are receiving this email and click reset password. You will receive an email from to reset/create your password. Once you have completed that, go back to the app and login.”

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Thanks! Indeed the email from last week had all the details about the mobile app and it seems to work just fine…
I was trying to use my desktop web browser and it looks like like a dead end.


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