Phabricator - arcanist API Tokens [Code Review]


I tried to setup a Phabricator account using API tokens, but the arcanist is not accepting the API tokens generated in

arc install-certificate

CONNECT Connecting to “”…


Open this page in your browser and login to Phabricator if necessary:

Then paste the API Token on that page below.

Paste API Token from that page: api-

Usage Exception: The token "api- " is not formatted correctly. Valid API tokens should begin “cli-” and be 32 characters long. Make sure you visited the correct URI and copy/pasted the token correctly.

How to rectify this error and connect arcanist with phabricator?


Mehdi (you’re doing some Phab maintenance, right?) - any ideas on this?


I’d expect the token to start with cli- not api-.
On it should look like: