Phabricator can no longer manually trigger rebuilds,


I'm not sure when this happened but is there a good reason non
administrators can no longer trigger rebuilds during pre-merge testing.
Its quite handy for example if trunk was broken when you submit a patch
. Currently the only way to get a rebuild is by updating the diff,
typically in this case with itself. This is a bit of pain for what is
trying to be achieved and results in unnecessary emails being sent to

Would it be possible to restore this feature?

~Nathan James

+Mikhail Goncharov +Christian Kühnel : does any of you know of any change there?

The only permission change I am aware of was to mark “projects” in Phabricator as non editable by non-admin.

I should say I first noted in 2 months ago and put a message in the
discord, but nothing came of it. In any case it isn't caused by a
recent change.