Phabricator email issues (hopefully resolved)

Yesterday we got reports that phab would not send some emails. In the hope that it was an issue that was fixed on head, I upgraded phab (bad call, I know, I know). That introduced a new issue - phab would now spew out error mails when it couldn’t handle the incoming message.

I was able to hunt down the causes for both issues, quick-and-dirty patched them on our instance, and filed upstream bugs:

Everything should be back to normal. Please note that there was a time period where phab would not send out messages, so if you sent a patch via phab in the last week, and it didn’t get answers, please make sure it actually arrived at one of the *-commits mailing lists. When I get a moment I’ll drill through the database to verify the extend of the problem.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.

Happy hacking,

I just wanted to say, thanks for tracking this down so quickly, and for keeping the entire phabricator thing up, running, and serving code reviews. It’s been really awesome to have, even with hiccups like this.